What You Need to Know about the Fiddle Leaf Fig

The number of homeowners keeping leaf fig plants in their homes is increasing. However, as much as they are popular, most people do not know how to take care of them. The roadmap to taking care of leaf fig plants begins with understanding the plant in details, that is why in this post, we will discuss much about the plant.

If you would like to understand the plants, you need to know where they come from. The plants are known to originate from the lowland tropical rainforest in Western Africa. When you walk from Cameroon to Sierra Leone, you will find the plants. Knowing the origin of the plants is vital as it will help you understand the conditions in which they naturally grow. At the rainforest, the climate is known to be warm and wet and the average temperatures are between 20 degrees and 34 degrees.

In addition to knowing the origin of fiddle leaf fig, it is a good idea to also understand the watering requirements. Before you can start watering your figs, you need to know that fiddle leaf fig is sensitive to both under-watering and over-watering. Another watering requirements you need to know about leaf figs is that they do not have a fixed watering schedule in which they must be watered. If you would like to water the figs, ensure that the top inch of the soil is dry. However, you need to note the seasonal changes in humidity as they will determine how often you will water the plant. For instance, the plant will require more water during summer and spring and on winter seasons, you will have to reduce watering. When watering the plant, you will have to ensure that you have saturated the soil until water comes out of the bottom of the pot. It can be a mistake letting the plant sit in a pool of water. It is worth noting that fiddle leaf fig plants need warm and humid conditions, hence you can increase the humidity around the plant by misting the leaves every now and then.

People who are looking forward to buying fiddle leaf figs should know the places that they want to keep the plants. People love using the figs for interior decorations. One of the main areas of consideration when keeping the plant indoor is the source of light, you need to keep in mind that they need lots of indirect light. If you would like your fiddle leaf fig to get indirect sunlight, you will have to keep in by bright windows. The best way of feeding your fiddle leaf fig is by providing it with food one per month during the growing months.

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