Many venues offer special wedding packages that are all-inclusive. The bride and groom do not have to worry about putting things together piece by piece and can, instead, attend a perfectly put together wedding of their dreams with everything handled by the staff. Choosing the right wedding package can be a bit tricky if people are unsure of what they want, so it’s important to consider all options and pick the best one.

Weekend Wedding Package

Some locations, including Clevedon Hall, offer a weekend wedding package. Rooms and meals for guests are often included, allowing people a full relaxing vacation before the wedding starts. This package typically involves the wedding party, but some offer it to out-of-town guests and close family as well. A bridal brunch for the women in the wedding party is also included, along with a beautiful decor, the use of the dance floor for the reception, a postbox for any wedding cards, and more.

One-Night Wedding Package

Rather than staying for an entire weekend, guests can stay for just one night. This way, they’re at the venue and ready to go for the wedding the next day. This is especially helpful for out-of-town guests or when the wedding is held earlier in the day, ensuring everyone will be there and available at the time the ceremony starts. It still includes all the other features but for only one night.

Smaller Wedding Package

The use of some overnight rooms is available with a smaller wedding package. The bride and groom can simply stay if they desire, with the option to give a few out-of-town guests the chance to stay as well. Full meals are not included during the stay except for breakfast the next day, although there will be food served at the wedding. The dance floor, confetti, the use of the ceremony room, and the silver cake stand and knife for cutting are all included.

Weddings can be a stressful time for the couple having to put it all together. Instead of opting for a DIY ceremony and reception with a lot of work involved, the bride and groom should consider a full wedding package that provides everything they could need. It saves time and stress and allows the couple to fully enjoy their big day without worry.